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[WAKE LOG] Placement

Who: Xemnas and...Aya Brea
What: Thanks to Nautilus, Xemnas gets An Visitor Unexpected.
Where: The Bachelor Pad Tower in the Manhattan Area, Eastern District
When: 02.13.12 - afternoon, evening-ish (after a network post)
Warnings: None. Not really. (Oh good gravy, normal conversation?!?)
Notes: Linked to [livejournal.com profile] thewakelogs

A sonnet.

It wasn't bad for an early Angelii sense, but it was still somewhat annoying speaking in that form.

Xemnas figured it was about time he spoke his piece, leaving it as it was without waiting for any sort of immediate response. Besides, he hadn't done so in a while. One could say it was to keep up the practice in wording his thoughts, making them concrete to some degreeā€“a habit that couldn't and would never be broken.

Once more he had taken to wandering up and down the tower of what use to be an apartment complex to fill in the gaps during the day as if he needed to remember where every room was, how many there were on their narrowed layout, what each had stored inside of them. His mental inventory check confirmed that everything was in place and in order as usual and as it should be. The last thing he needed was another surprise from Nautilus.

Unfortunately, that wasn't how the city worked.

Recent ventures throughout the tower left the Nobody to pass by every other room unhindered. But there was something different upon passing the doorway of his bedroom.

There was something beside the black kitten with bright blue eyes taking up the middle of the huge white bed.

Correction: someone.

...Of course this led Xemnas to backtrack.

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Aya had found herself sleeping quite a bit these days.

There were a variety of things that could be at fault here. For Aya, she merely took it up for being a result of several casualties, weighing down on it. It was enough to make anyone tired, really.

But not this tired.

This was worrisome.

Sometimes, she almost expected it. Closing her eyes, opening them to hear the sounds of breathing: Soft exhales of him sleeping soundly beside her. The quiet paddings in the room next to her as the house slowly came to life.

The only thing she could expect more these days was the dulled volume of Johann Strauss Jr. greeting her into the afternoon routine. The house that had already made her breakfast. Eggs with bacon... toast, with light butter and cinnamon... and coffee on the side.

Her stomach rumbled slightly, as Aya was awakened not by the sounds of The Blue Danube, but--

Cat eyes.

An unfamiliar bed.


Too tired, and perhaps jaded, to rouse with a start, Aya's eyes could only pry themselves wearily apart into slight slits. Her bewildered mind would catch up eventually.

[personal profile] chondriosome 2012-02-14 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Ignoring the spinning that was twirling about in her head, Aya blinked through the blearing confusion state and slowly moved her head. As she blinked again, her eyes moved up to the figure that was now standing above her.

At first, it was just a silhouette of a person. But judging by the distinctive shapes of the aforementioned silhouette, that was all that Aya needed to recognize... Kind of hard to place that hair on anyone else.

The initial thought was Why was Xemnas in her room? But then, she was pretty sure these weren't her sheets she was tucked under, not to mention she sure as hell didn't have any pets.


A hand fell over her face. Aya didn't really get hangovers, but if she did, she remembered that this was probably what it was like.

[personal profile] chondriosome 2012-02-15 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Aya was beyond any over-the-top reactions to the situation she was in. She couldn't say that she had survived weirder scenarios, given her history for the strange. But this was definitely something... unexpected, of all places she expected to end up, Xemnas' bed definitely wasn't one of them.

If any force was at work here in attempt to extract her from the comforting solitudes of her home, she had but one guess. And she highly doubted it was her own doing, or the Nobody that was equally as apathetic to the circumstances as she was...


"I don't think I have an answer for this one." Nothing that would sound sane, in any case.

[personal profile] chondriosome 2012-02-16 01:09 am (UTC)(link)
This was pretty awkward for Aya. She wasn't very fond of waking up in places she had no recollection of falling asleep in. Her head spun from the grogginess and that alone was what kept her grounded to Xemnas' bed, even as she tried getting up.

"I feel horrible..." Aya nursed her forehead, as if expecting there to be a bump of some kind there. But nothing.

Far as she could tell, she was perfectly in tact. So no concussion or anything.