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Xemnas ([personal profile] edge_of_nothing) wrote2012-02-13 03:36 pm
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[WAKE LOG] Placement

Who: Xemnas and...Aya Brea
What: Thanks to Nautilus, Xemnas gets An Visitor Unexpected.
Where: The Bachelor Pad Tower in the Manhattan Area, Eastern District
When: 02.13.12 - afternoon, evening-ish (after a network post)
Warnings: None. Not really. (Oh good gravy, normal conversation?!?)
Notes: Linked to [livejournal.com profile] thewakelogs

A sonnet.

It wasn't bad for an early Angelii sense, but it was still somewhat annoying speaking in that form.

Xemnas figured it was about time he spoke his piece, leaving it as it was without waiting for any sort of immediate response. Besides, he hadn't done so in a while. One could say it was to keep up the practice in wording his thoughts, making them concrete to some degreeā€“a habit that couldn't and would never be broken.

Once more he had taken to wandering up and down the tower of what use to be an apartment complex to fill in the gaps during the day as if he needed to remember where every room was, how many there were on their narrowed layout, what each had stored inside of them. His mental inventory check confirmed that everything was in place and in order as usual and as it should be. The last thing he needed was another surprise from Nautilus.

Unfortunately, that wasn't how the city worked.

Recent ventures throughout the tower left the Nobody to pass by every other room unhindered. But there was something different upon passing the doorway of his bedroom.

There was something beside the black kitten with bright blue eyes taking up the middle of the huge white bed.

Correction: someone.

...Of course this led Xemnas to backtrack.

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