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And It Seems Ugly, But It Can Get Worse

Who: Xemnas and Master Xehanort
When: Earlier this whole week, honest because MK fails at TIMING
Where: The Basement
Summary: Talking. Sort of like...catching up.
Warnings: Beware, mateys! There be KH spoilers abound.

= = = = =

The unexpected should have been expected.

He should have known the moment the Second dropped his usual facade to report his findings. Vanitas was a case they could handle easily; Xigbar already had a strong connection with the teenager, memories in tact. All they needed to do was keep tabs on him.

Master Xehanort, on the other hand, was...a different matter.

There wre no lies found within Xigbar's observation of the master. True, he had returned to Siren's Port. But knowing the man had no memory of what took place the year before was advantageous. Maybe a bit...discouraging. Although Master Xehanort did not remember anything further than his own history, he found out what happened through the Second. That alone made the conversation worse. And it eventually came down to stating the obvious: the Superior and the old man were going to have to speak to each other in-person – just as they did once before.

- - -

At this point in time, it was inevitable.

Without warning, the shadows parted, swirling madly as the portal formed itself out of thin air. Warped space let a dark figure step out into the confines of the basement, unrelenting in his style of arrival. Civil as it might have been, he was there uninvited.

Gold eyes narrowed under the brim of the black hood, their indifference marked with a bitterness that could not be felt.

"Xehanort. I know you're there."
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Adapting to circumstances had always been one of Xehanort's strong points. Having received the windfall of the basement laboratory, he'd set up to make the most of it. He was more than used to living in the most spartan conditions. This was a step up from the Keyblade Graveyard, as he had a roof over his head and the land itself wasn't in a state of constant magical instability.

Simply enough he was sitting in a corner, lounging on one of the stools and reading a book. A small glass of water was on a nearby table, an indulgence to the physical concerns of his body. He didn't seem to take notice of the stranger in his sanctuary at all, flipping the page in his book and looking rather bored.

"I was wondering when you'd come, Xemnas." He knew that voice all too well, one that dominated the latter years of the stolen memories burned into his mind. A quick glance at the page number and he set the book aside, shifting so that he was facing the Nobody without straightening up completely. "What do I owe the honour of this visit?"
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A rather pleased smile crept onto his face. "Ah, yes... Xigbar filled me in nicely on the events of the past ten years, as well as his time here. A rather curious set of circumstances, wouldn't you say?" His eyes fixed on Xemnas, watching him closely. He was more than curious about this being that was his own cast-off shell from future events he had never experienced, and given the chance to interact he was definitely going to make the most of it.

A questioning chirp, and a smilarly mobile NV rose into the air from the table it had been resting on, angling its lens around the room in a scanning motion. Xehanort merely gave it an imperious glance and it whined in acquiescence before hovering over to start in a wide circle around the Nobody.
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"He's always given excellent reports, in his own way." Catching Xemnas' gaze, the older man held it firmly. While he was not intending to force the other to look away, it was clear that he was quite firm in holding dominion. "This one was the most detailed and complete report of his life."

The details of its transmission would be up to Xigbar himself to share, if he so wished.

"I assume you are referring to the series of events that surrounded my predecessor and his eventual departure from this island."
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Finishing the profile building it had been assigned, the smaller NV hovered off to the side, a soft questioning chirp of its own directed at its seeming digital comrade. With no orders forthcoming it simply waited until its next directive passively.

"His progress from the point that I knew him was quite remarkable." For the first time since they began to speak Xehanort sat up completely straight, leaning forward conspiratorially after a moment, hands resting on his thighs. "With everything that's happened, a heart-to-heart was inevitable."

A moment of silence, as he quickly took in Xemnas' features through his own eyes for the first time. Striking similarities, memories of looking into mirrors in his adolescence, although the facial features were't quite the same... which of course meant Terra, the body he'd left behind.

Satisfied with the visual inspection, he settled back in his seat casually. "From what I understand" felt "there was a certain... discongruity. As though some elements of the plan had perhaps not yet come into being... or at least were not recognized by him."
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"Convenient enough to convey ten years, plus his time here. Quite a mess, it seems..." He leaned back once more, crossing his legs, one hand gesturing lazily in the air. "A year later and it has awaited my arrival to be cleaned up properly. His ambition was in the proper place, but his mode of operation..."

A brief flash, Xigbar's memories of betrayal, of failure and lost opportunity.

"A year later and I must clean up after him before being able to proceed as we should have all along. I know you bore him no love... even if you had any to give in the first place." A brief chuckle, fingers flexing playfully. "I make no intention of ignoring the seeds of my heart so carefully sown. The time for theory and supposition has passed."

The smaller NV made a whirring sound, adjusting the aperture of its own lens in response before emitting a subaural chirp of inquiry.
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"Merely pragmatism. Or has your heart begun to regrow as well?" That hadn't been entirely clear from Xigbar's memories. While he'd felt the touch of the Nobody's emotions colouring the experiences, it didn't give much indication of things on his own Nobody's state. "You'll have to forgive me, my understanding of Nobodies has only just begun."

This time, he smiled in pride. "Xigbar advised me of the success in that regard. It's pleasing to see that even considering all that has transpired, the plan has been upheld. I look forward to learning more of these potentials... light is in abundance, after all. Evening the score has been long overdue..."

In more ways than one. There was still that matter to be dealt with. His eyes narrow just slightly as he leans forward, one hand clenching tightly into a fist. "One more than previously thought may be required, once I have taken back what is mine. Mutiny of that calibre will not be tolerated. My predecessor, it seems, did not run as tight a ship as he should have."

The smaller NV made a slow whine at the display of solidarity, slowly tilting from one side to the other. It ended on a trill of confusion that dissolved into a few rapid-fire queries directed towards Julian.
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"Indeed." fingers drummed lightly against his leg. "There is far too much to be done. That everyone present knows of my ambitions is unfortunate. However, some good does come of it all. With your lack of involvement in his affairs, your ties are not so clearly cemented. There is that element of surprise remaining...

"For the time being, I will not make myself known. It would most likely cause a stir amongst the young bearers. They do not so easily put aside such things... even over the course of a year, no doubt their scars are still fresh."

He settles back, before fixing the Nobody with his gaze once more. "Yourself... you have performed quite well in my bifurcation. Xigbar's progress is exceptional. A more masterful tender of the plan I could not have asked for in my absence." A tilt of the head, resting it on one hand as he lounges slightly again, that crooked grin slowly tugging at his mouth. "Let us ensure that it continues even now.

"I will attend to Saix. That particular matter has been left amiss for far too long."

The little NV's questions were relentless, its curiosity insatiable. A sharp glare from Xehanort cut its inquiring chatter and it drooped significantly, hovering over to a nearby examination table and perching on the edge.
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The smaller NV whined out in a subaural call, although it did not expect a response as it simply waited for its next missive, whenever that came.

"Not until we have a proper foothold. Not until the plan is far more in motion. Unless we are subtle enough that they do not notice the true movement..." His hand stilled, the fingers stiffening as seemingly a thought crossed his mind. "A distraction may be necessary. Something to keep their focus while the true heart of the trick occurs, akin to a stage magician flying doves from his sleeve."

Xehanort shifted, his hands resting on his knees, fingers slightly spread as he considered the meaning and form of Xemnas' response. "I should hope not. You may not consider it, but we are part and parcel the same being. Such a slight against you is a slight against me. I will not tolerate such a thing."
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His hands raised from their perches, reaching up and out the sides in an open gesture. "The question is, do they still jump at shadows? Something superficial enough to get them agitated and headed in the wrong direction. It doesn't have to be anything particularly potent. Just enough to have them barking up the wrong tree for a bit."

An amused grin at his vaguely-connected pun. He would have to find out more about Saix in order to take care of that particular bit of work... but that wasn't an immediate concern. It was something that needed doing, but Saix, outside of that moment of betrayal, had seemed almost laughably harmless in the memories presented.

"I know of Xigbar's attempts to track down other vessels. What else is afoot in this city that would be of note, of worth? What machinations have you been working?"
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The little NV stirred, mentally prodded into activity, starting to take down all of the information that Xemnas provided, recording the conversation for future reference. It was essential to keep organized after all, and being provided with such a tool made it quite easy.

"With the greater resources at our disposal thanks to your efforts, we can begin to probe into these topics in greater detail. While time is of the essence, we can afford to take some in order to explore avenues that we would not have had available to us otherwise. Perhaps another way will present itself, although in the meantime our course is clear..."

A though came to mind, though he put it down lower for the moment as it wasn't immediately pressing. "The creatures of darkness here are not of the darkness that you or I recognize. They do not come when summoned. Here, there is a lack of connection to the greater Realm from whence those lesser darknesses can be brought. Perhaps bolstering the numbers of the darknesses we can manipulate would be a wise plan as well... and as always, a more easy diversion could not be engineered."
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This was something he'd both heard Xigbar mention and caught glimpses, snatches of the Nobody's memories as well. It was strange to think of such a thing, but with the variety of lifeforms that were drawn to this place, why too not what could easily pass for a Princess of Heart in its own way?

"I have had words with this lion on the network. From our conversation, it is easy to note that he does not act directly, and prefers to let things fall as they may unless provoked himself. For the time being, we have little to fear."

A nod, polite in its own way. It seemed that things were wrapping up of their own accord. He inclined his head to Xemnas politely.

"For now it seems that we are on the same page, if I may be so bold as to say. I can only hope that I will be able to make up for the poor choices and actions of my predecessor... his lack of success most likely stemmed from lack of counsel of those who also play intricate parts. Would I be able to count on your assistance in the future?"

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"For now, the only concern I have is in dealing with Saix. The plan itself..." He gave Xemnas a careful but thoughtful look, fingers drumming lightly on the surface of the armrest. "Perhaps it is amiss of me to think in this line, but as a Nobody is a cast-away body it only makes sense to consider you to be as integral to these efforts as I myself. Just as how Xigbar's heart sits in equal shares..." Those moving fingers tightened, gripping into a fist as he raised himself up straight once more, determination written on his face. "No, the three of us all have equal stakes in what is to come. I propose a truce of sorts... an attempt to mend what has already come to pass... a triumvirate."
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Good. For the moment, at least, there was little doubt of the Nobody's loyalty. So long as they walked the same path, that relationship would no doubt hold. As he had little intention to stray from it, he wasn't concerned about increasing tensions. Keeping communication open would be essential, but not difficult. After all... if one could not trust himself, then who could he trust?

"You are no doubt quite busy. Let us adjourn for the moment. I will contact you should something change, but for the moment let us simply get our bearings with this new direction. I am open to your concerns as well... do not ever consider that door closed."

That was the most important factor. His predecessor's seeming lack of communication with those who should have been pivotal. Pushing the point of being willing to keep those lines open would no doubt help smooth over ruffled feathers and put balm on those wounds re-opened.