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[WAKE] Ascension to ASHURA (?)

He changed. And then he changed back.

All right. If you need a lengthy explanation, fine.

Again, one can say that Xemnas is not a typical candidate to embody the concept of Change. To be frank, he despises it. And since he is given a choice in the matter, he openly chooses not to partake in Nautilus’ philosophy. Despite the attempts made to remain as he is, there is still a greater force at work. His sense of change can be compared to the erosion of a solid rock face constantly washed over by the sea. Gradual. Immovable. Barely noticeable unless a good portion of it has been worn away. Even if nothing is completely gone, the new shape left behind displays resistance to change is futile.

Being involved is a major point. During his extended stay in Nautilus, Xemnas has been forced from his position as a passive observer to that of an active participant. While it was (and still is) more of a shove than a gentle nudge into a new setting and its lack of actual rules, he adapted to the situation swiftly. Having to share space with a good number of familiar faces from his world was tolerable enough; the pieces of the Organization he was stuck with were not the best of company, but they tried to make it work. Emphasis on “tried.” However, the truce between Nobodies did not last long. To save time and writing space, everything fell apart spectacularly. And that was within the first two years in Nautilus.

From then on, Xemnas lived alone. For some odd reason, he accepted his fate. Although he was not the first to appear in Nautilus, he is presently the last one to remain. Those who had gone had no affect him in the slightest. What he did not expect to result from this was the formation of deeper relationships with Wakened outside of his circle of...estranged acquaintances. Not every relationship was sunshine and happy flowers, of course, but they were still connections. Few of them have held fast and became stronger over the course of time...and yet, they remained mostly one-sided. Short list of close bonds: Aya Brea, Miku Hatsune, Rex Salazar, Nash Latkje (?), Death (?), wow that is a short list – Anyway, these guys were the ones to actually keep an eye on him and gave him a chance (half of them, anyway) before dismissing him as the ultimate portrayal of video game antagonists. Rex held to the belief that everyone had some good in them, and they both related to each other about the loss of memories. Things just went from there. (I can go into this, but I’m trying to save space.)

But yes. Trust. Why would they do that? Why would they go through the trouble of trusting him? The world may never know.

And then there were the storms. Each reality storm that hit the city brought something different to throw at its unsuspecting victims. Despite being able to weather through them, a few have pushed Xemnas to his unspoken limits. It was only last year he decided to leave Nautilus after it was hit with another wave of musical creativity abound in chaos, taking a “break” from everyone and everything. That period of time then extended when he came across Pyramid Head by pure chance, following the creature into a tear in another reality and joining forces with the hungering Dark Aeon laying in wait on the other side. So basically they all got hopped up on Isis Juice and stormed the city astride a city.

The freedom to choose and think for himself was never altered. He knew what he was doing. He had good reason to resist an ever-changing flow. Never being able to reach his original goal still bore weight. Being used by the city and participating in its madness also had merit. But wanting to regain some type of control/power and to see a change that was harmful to the city and its inhabitants is...fitting.

For every beginning, there is an end. That end was disputed, however, when the Wakened took to arms to fight back. Xemnas maintained a low profile during this time (because he isn’t really one to announce things on the Network), but he had a minor confrontation with Death (which ended with a quick fight), almost disposed of Dana Tan (saying “she was there” is a bad excuse – she had a job to do watching for anyone who needed shelter from all the Dark Aeon junk, Xemnas just happened to be there at the time and pretty much made himself obvious, energy draining ensued until Death intervened), and then had another confrontation with Rex and Death (which led to grievous impalement to Rex with Death nearby). The final battle with Sora near the Heart fell in Xemnas’ favor prior to the Heart exploding, Death intervening once more to let the Nobody do some thinking in another plane of existence. His change of “heart” was vague; while it was easy to watch things end, some part of him was compelled to set things right, leading to his final choice in joining the complete destruction of the Dark Aeon. The consequences gained was the feeling of Regret.

One feeling does not change him completely, however. The Nobody has been set in his ways for a long time and he will continue to fight any more changes to remain as he is. One can say that is impossible to do in this setting, but he has proven that he still is...Xemnas. While dumb things happen, that indifferent exterior never falters. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Xemnas can be sentimental. It is more of a subconscious nostalgia for every memory made, every item given and kept over the years. Even if he doesn’t remember every single thing during his existence (or, perhaps, doesn’t recall it on purpose?), the most recent that have occurred within the city have settled, becoming a part of him whether he likes it or not. These are the things that persuade him into acting instead of watching, that force him into paying his dues. Even if he did not give a straight answer to those who called on him for help, aiding the other Angelii to stop Rex during the Nightmare event was his choice initially. Because yes, he did regret ever stabbing the teen. Remember that strange bond that was mentioned earlier. There is no disregarding that.

He has power. His known abilities are strong alone. Being an Angelii amplifies a few of them. Being able to Unmake things comes naturally. The Isis fragment gives him more that take a turn in another direction, one that is now left dormant in the present. And while he has all of this power, it has not been in excessive use against everyone and everything applicable.

Can he be trusted with more power? Yes...and no. But there is no telling what he will do next.