edge_of_nothing: (Xemnas: A Look of False Haughtiness)
Xemnas ([personal profile] edge_of_nothing) wrote2013-12-09 02:13 pm

[OOC] CHRISTMAS CARDS since I had no place to put it

Twelve cards to be sent out, One person to send them,
Twelve people who want a card will be able to sign up for...them.

Ahem. Anyway.

True story! I, MK, am doing this Christmas card thing late. Way late. So if anyone wants a card from moi you can just leave a name and address below in the comments. It'll be screened so no weirdos other than myself will see it.

Again, I only got twelve cards this year because I'm lazy. If you don't sign up, that's cool! I'll get you all a little later.

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