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Xemnas ([personal profile] edge_of_nothing) wrote2012-08-04 12:12 am

And It Seems Ugly, But It Can Get Worse

Who: Xemnas and Master Xehanort
When: Earlier this whole week, honest because MK fails at TIMING
Where: The Basement
Summary: Talking. Sort of like...catching up.
Warnings: Beware, mateys! There be KH spoilers abound.

= = = = =

The unexpected should have been expected.

He should have known the moment the Second dropped his usual facade to report his findings. Vanitas was a case they could handle easily; Xigbar already had a strong connection with the teenager, memories in tact. All they needed to do was keep tabs on him.

Master Xehanort, on the other hand, was...a different matter.

There wre no lies found within Xigbar's observation of the master. True, he had returned to Siren's Port. But knowing the man had no memory of what took place the year before was advantageous. Maybe a bit...discouraging. Although Master Xehanort did not remember anything further than his own history, he found out what happened through the Second. That alone made the conversation worse. And it eventually came down to stating the obvious: the Superior and the old man were going to have to speak to each other in-person – just as they did once before.

- - -

At this point in time, it was inevitable.

Without warning, the shadows parted, swirling madly as the portal formed itself out of thin air. Warped space let a dark figure step out into the confines of the basement, unrelenting in his style of arrival. Civil as it might have been, he was there uninvited.

Gold eyes narrowed under the brim of the black hood, their indifference marked with a bitterness that could not be felt.

"Xehanort. I know you're there."

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